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FLEMOSI offers a number of microsimulation models to the general public. These models allow, in a user-friendly way, simulating reforms to personal income taxes, commodity taxes, social security contributions and a number of social benefits, focusing on budgetary and distributional impacts.

My role consisted of three parts:
  1. Development of commodity tax simulator SInTax
  2. Implementation of housing taxes and benefits and update of Belgian Euromod policies to reflect recent policies changes
  3. Coordination of the technical aspects (e.g. running EUROMOD on a server, development of the User Interface framework)
The project was set up in a modular way, and as such easy to export to other countries. We guided the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection to set up a local implementation, and provided training to their technical staff. The result is available under the name SORESI.

The model also served as a basis for Rekening 14, a project in coöperation with the television broadcaster VRT and newspapers De Tijd and De Standaard during the 2014 federal election campaign.

For more information, please consult the following chapter: [PDF in Dutch]